Any Time Chess

AnyTimeChess is a new innovative idea that came from Chess players. The main motto is to develop chess player to practice his/her chess skills, and gauge his calibre on a day-to-day basis. The Super Kids Chess Academy open from 9am to 9pm all days of a week, is now providing a facility for any player to come to the academy at his/her convenient time. In case of unavoidable circumstance, we will try to inform on our website well in advance.

You will get 1000 points as initial rating and your rating will go up and down depending upon your performance with your opponent. This rating will automatically reset on weekly basis.

There will be small entry fee of Rs 10 per each game and rewarded with Prizes on weekly basis. Week starts from Monday 9am to Sunday 9pm. Prize Distribution at 9pm on every Sunday.

Chess player can come at any time between 9am to 9pm, and can play with any available player.

K- factor in determining rating. The range is:

K - 40 factor rating below 1000

K - 30 factor from Rating 1001 to 1100

K - 20 factor from Rating 1101 and 1200

K - 10 factor from Rating 1201 and above

A player if he has ATC rating above 1000, has to play with players whose ATC rating is above 1000 only. If a player has ATC rating below 1000, has to play with players whose ATC rating is below 1000. A player if he or she has ATC rating 1000, then he can play with above or below ATC rating of 1000.

Any game you play at AnyTimeChess, you need pay only Rs10. There will be one rating for any time control you may play. The allowed time controls are:

Blitz                   5min plus 2s increment

Rapid                15min plus 10s increment

Classic              30min plus 30s increment

Players are not allowed to play any other time control other then above mentioned. Players are strictly not allowed any friendly games.

Conditions: Players who have ATC rating above 1000 must play with the players who have ATC rating above 1000. Similarly, those players who have ATC rating below 1000 must play with the players who have ATC rating below 1000 only. If the player ATC rating is at 1000, then he can play with either above or below ATC rating of 1000.

Players need to top up a minimum of Rs100, this is to save the player and organiser time. Player can withdraw the amount at any time.


1st Prize Rs1500
2nd Prize Rs1000
3rd Prize Rs  800
4th Prize Rs  600
5th Prize Rs  400
6th Prize Rs  300
7th Prize Rs  200
8th Prize Rs  100
9th Prize Rs  100


In addition to the above, you can play Morning Blitz  every day at 10am, in conjunction with above ATC model. There is a cash prize which you can earn every day.

1st Prize     300

2nd Prize    200

3rd Prize     100

There will be 5 rounds swiss pairing, if there are few players, organiser can choose round robin.

Time control 5min plus 2s increment.

ATC rating restriction above 1000 and below 1000 won't apply while playing Morning Blitz.


If you have questions, you may mail to

Any time Chess will start on Every Monday and ends Every Sunday.

Locations: We are at Ramnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana


  1. If a player doesn't come on any day of a week, he will loose 10 rating points. (If a chess player doesn't come on Monday and starts from Tuesday, he will start a rating of 990.)
  2. Super Kids Chess Academy doesn't obliged to provide opponent, chess player has to play with the opponent who ever is available at the academy.
  3. Chess player has to top up his account by a minimum Rs 100, and can withdraw at any time this is to save time of the chess player and the organiser.



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