ATC Blitz Inaugural Match

ATC Blitz started with flying colours. ATC players, didn't performed well on blitz weekend tournament at Miyapur. This is the right time to get hands on blitz.

This weekend tournament conducted by scf is remarkable. ATC players got 4th and 5th positions.

Prize winner


AIM Tarun received 5th Position and AIM Trisha 4th Position.

The Inaugural Blitz match held today, AIM Trisha didn't performed well in Blitz at weekend tournament, won all the rounds except with Duvvala Suresh in todays Blitz at ATC

The final Standings:

1st Place AIM Trisha

2nd Place AIM Tarun

3rd Place AFM Advaita

Congratulations to all the winners of today Blitz. We hope all the players enjoyed today's Blitz and we expect more players to enjoy morning power play Blitz.

The major upsets of today's ATC Blitz are:

  1. Suresh Duvvala who is consider as a Blitz Champion lost to AFM Advaita
  2. AIM Tarun lost to AIM Trisha
  3. Y. Murali Mohan, a reputed coach, lost to AFM Advaita.
  4. Suresh Duvvala lost to Y. Murali Mohan
  5. AIM Trisha lost to Suresh Duvvala

On an over all AFM Advaita shown exceptional performance in the first ever Blitz at ATC new model. AFM Advaita also performed well at weekend tournament conducted by scf. AFM Advaita got category prize at scf.

The last week champion Harender missed todays blitz and started with a low note. Harender crushed by Perumallu and the interesting part of today is Mr. Rama Mohan Rao made a draw with Harender. This brought Harender to below 1000 rating. Harender has to struggle a lot with low rated players to cross 1000 ATC rating. Evening is a disaster for Harender, he pushed back to below 1000 ATC rating.

VSN Murthy, who was crushed in the morning Blitz and pushed to below 1000 ATC rating. Perumallu now leading this week session.

Chess skills by an Accident
Morning Blitz at ATC

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