ATC ka KBC is a new concept of ATC to inculcate learning puzzles in chess. Most of us just shy away from working hard, unless we force to do, we never take initiation. Chess puzzles helps chess players to learn chess quickly, most of us ignore this. So came up with an idea of introducing ATC ka KBC.

We thank entire team of chessATC for bringingup this new idea of getting interest to solve puzzles.

We thank all the chess players who saw this video and ready for sitting on the hot seat to face our dynamic host Chetan Sharma.

We want to take this opportunity to launch our new website as our superkids AGM Tarun and AIM Trisha are now promoted from superkids to chessATC.

We thank our 1st ever ATC ka KBC participant Mr. Rammohan Rao (MRMR) for accepting the invitation and did a excellent show. He himself didn't believed that the show goes viral among chess fraternity. Mr. Rammohan Rao wrote a nice write up on this whole episode, the video has fallen back behind his article. It is no more then a news paper column as one of the ATC chess player commented.

Team ATC is thankful to MRMR sir for writing a wonderful article on first episode of ATC ka KBC. Your article has not only inspired chess players, It has also become an inspiration for ATC team and also many others to add their inspiring stories, memorable events and etc to their dairy. This will be the evergreen and memorable episode of ATC ka KBC.

We will soon come up with more episodes of ATC ka KBC with our entertaining host along with the new participants.

ATC warmly welcomes to all the players who would like to participate in our show ATC ka KBC.

Please let us know in advance to make sure your availability.

ATC will get more innovative ideas in with help of our master minds AGM Tarun and AIM Trisha along with Chess friends.

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