Launching ATC Easy Pass - Chess Players Get Value for Money

ATC Easy Pass

We are happy to launch ATC Easy Pass. 

We, at ATC, have been offering each game at Rs.10 with a money back to the winner. We are always committed to keep this price Rs.10 per game. However, in order to make chess more affordable to many other players, we are stopping the money back policy. We will continue to keep the match fee at Rs.10 per game for all players.

We are pleased to announce launching of Easy Pass for the players who are committed to Chess. ATC believes that Easy Pass will make this cost effective model more effective for Chess lovers. We have two types of Easy Pass.

  1. Monthly Easy Pass:  Rs 1000  (allows you to play 10 games a day for four weeks.)
  2. Weekly Easy Pass:  Rs   300  (allows you to play 10 games a day for one week)

Weekly Easy Pass will allow you to play 10 games FREE per day for one week.

Monthly Easy Pass will allow you to play 10 games FREE per day for four weeks.

Those who do not want to buy the Easy Pass can still continue to play the match at Rs. 10 per game without any money back. Buying Easy Pass is optional and we believe its best value for money for Chess Players.

Our Prize Fund per week remains same. Rs 5000 Prize Fund a week. The First Prize is Rs 1500.

Rules for Easy Pass:

  1. Easy Pass cannot be transferred from one person to another. We will issue a Easy Pass card with a QR code that will be scanned by the Organiser. Players playing online from remote location will be given special id.
  2. Easy Pass allows you to play 10 games per day for free. If you have not used all 10 games, then the balance is not transferable to next day. Each day, our system automatically expires the unused games out of your free allowance.
  3. Easy Pass holders are required to follow similar rules of discipline. Organiser reserves the right to cancel the Easy Pass if the player is found to be misusing the facility.

Easy Pass will make your life more easier at ATC.

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