Blitz is for fun and get into the habit of playing chess with speed. It is FREE to play BLITZ. It is named as "Blitzer" category where players can play in 5-minute format on a rapid speed. This is just meant to create a fun in addition to improving your speed. We are offering prize money in Blitzer category and there is no fee to be paid. Blitzer players do not get any specific rating from SKCA.

There will be 16 players playing in Blitz every day. SKCA don't take more then 16 players a day for playing Blitz. Time control: Each will get 5min. You need play 6 rounds per game. You need to take best of 6 rounds of play. It is the responsibility of the winner to submit the result to the Arbiter.blitzer-tree-knock-out

The above tree diagram will be followed for pairing the players. Players have choice to choose his opponent in first round i.e., qualification round. Players don't have choice to select his opponent in Quarter Final, Semi-final and Final.

You can view the status of today's Blitz by clicking on below

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Terms and Conditions for Blitzer

  1. Only 16 players are allowed to play every day on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. Players should bring their own chess board and clock.
  3. Players start playing qualification round on first come first serve basis. Player can choose his opponent in the qualification round only.
  4. Knock out system is followed in the game wherein the first Qualification round will be played by 16 players. Only winners will move into Quarter Finals and the winners from Quarter Finals will move into Semi-finals. The winners of Semi-finals will enter Finals. Players cannot choose the opponent in Quarter finals, Semi-finals and Finals.
  5. If we cannot make 8 games in qualification round then match will be abandonded and fresh qualification round will begin from next day.
  6. There is NO FEE for playing Blitz. Its free.
  7. Winner will get Rs 300 cash Prize.
  8. Players will be allowed to play 6 games with each other. Best of 6 games will be declared as winner for that round. In case of tie, Armageddon game will be used to break the tie.
Rs. 0 per game
5-minute format for each player
No fee, no refund
No Category-specific Exclusive SKCA Rating
Good for Improving Speed and Playing with High-Excitement
Prize Fund: Rs. 300/-
One winner every day will get prize money. Just improve your speed, get instant fun and quick learning.
Players can play in other categories simultaneously
Prize Distribution Every Day

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