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ATC ka KBC is a new concept of ATC to inculcate learning puzzles in chess. Most of us just shy away from working hard, unless we force to do, we never take initiation. Chess puzzles helps chess players to learn chess quickly, most of us ignore this. So came up with an idea of... Learn More: ATC ka KBC

Chess Coaching - Facilitating an Attack by AnyTimeChess

Watch this exclusive training video by an expert Chess Coach, Mr Praveen Bhandari of Any Time Chess. Leave your comment so as to discuss the strategies.

Openings and Traps

The Students of Super Kids Chess Academy produced videos for the benefit of Chess Players who cannot afford hefty fee to learn Openings and Traps. Watch out the Videos, and any suggestions and comments are welcome.

Dr. K. Kanna Reddy Speech on 18th May 2014

Bill Gates loses in 71 seconds in Chess

What happens when World's Richest Man meets a Chess Grand Master? Answer: The Richest Man Bill Gates loses in 71 seconds. Watch this exciting match. Click this post to watch the video.


Dr. Kanna Reddy Speech on 25th April 2014


Chess for Begineers

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