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Chess ATC Holidays for Christmas


All branches of ATC will be closed for Christmas. It is closed from 25th December till New year eve. We wish all the ATC chess players a Happy Christmas and New Year. We hope ATC provided you a great experience to practice chess for the past year. ATC introduced Free Blitz for power players, Classic... Learn More: Chess ATC Holidays for Christmas


ATC ka KBC is a new concept of ATC to inculcate learning puzzles in chess. Most of us just shy away from working hard, unless we force to do, we never take initiation. Chess puzzles helps chess players to learn chess quickly, most of us ignore this. So chessATC.com came up with an idea of... Learn More: ATC ka KBC

ATC now in Hi-Tech City

Tarun draws with Grand Master

The word ATC has become very popular among chess players. Players aged 6 to 60 years come here to play everyday. Looking at the spirit and identifying the need for a practice platform, ATC team has taken a step forward to open the extension of ATC  in KPHB colony, 7th phase near Hi-tech city railway... Learn More: ATC now in Hi-Tech City

Chess skills by an Accident

Rapid at Chandrapur

Chess Skills by an Accident. There is no right or wrong path in chess. People who achieve great success is by accident. They don't follow a particular path. Its all by an Accident. I really mean that. Everything is by an accident. Tarun at Ireland I am a school dropout, but most of the readers... Learn More: Chess skills by an Accident

ATC Blitz Inaugural Match


ATC Blitz started with flying colours. ATC players, didn't performed well on blitz weekend tournament at Miyapur. This is the right time to get hands on blitz. This weekend tournament conducted by scf is remarkable. ATC players got 4th and 5th positions. Tarun AIM Tarun received 5th Position and AIM Trisha 4th Position. The Inaugural... Learn More: ATC Blitz Inaugural Match

Morning Blitz at ATC

blitz chess

Morning Blitz a Power Play at ATC is just like hitting sixes in the first few overs, to bring ATC rating higher and higher. Playing power play, the chess player gets active and start his own level play by playing 15min+10s or 30min+30sec. The time control for Morning Blitz is 5min plus 2sec increment. Blitz... Learn More: Morning Blitz at ATC

Independence Day at ATC

ATC celebration

Independence Day celebrated at ATC. All the players attended on time for the special session 5 rounds swiss pairing in conjunction with ATC model. All the players liked this concept. The main highlight of the session was 4th round Trisha Vs Tarun. It was an exciting match, every one enjoyed and it ended in Draw.... Learn More: Independence Day at ATC

Trisha Vs Sibi

sibi srinivas einstien reddy

Trisha Vs Sibi, it is going to be an interesting match to watch. These two players are meeting again on the board after a while. When SCF was not born, he use to be a regular player at ATC, Sibi and Trisha use to play almost every day. These two players use to exchange the... Learn More: Trisha Vs Sibi

Scholarship for attending FIDE tournament


Scholarship for attending VACA FIDE rating tournament. How to avail this Scholarship? ATC players has to play a round robin classic game of 60min plus 30s increment. This is for offline ATC players only. Entry fee Rs 100 only. Rohit Receiving Prize at Nithim   How it will be helpful? Classic games at FIDE are... Learn More: Scholarship for attending FIDE tournament

Gulbarga Rapid FIDE Sponsorship


Gulbarga: Gulbarga District Chess Association and a renowned Arbiter, Mr. Promod are conducting first-ever Rapid FIDE rating tournament at Paul Hari’s Auditorium, Rotary Club School, Public Garden, Gulbarga. Harender 1st GDCA Open: Gulbarga Rapid Tournament is good for the players who aspire to improve their FIDE rating in Rapid format, and to see how your... Learn More: Gulbarga Rapid FIDE Sponsorship

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