Chess skills by an Accident

Chess Skills by an Accident. There is no right or wrong path in chess.

People who achieve great success is by accident. They don't follow a particular path. Its all by an Accident. I really mean that. Everything is by an accident.


Tarun at Ireland

I am a school dropout, but most of the readers who are reading this article know about Sir Alexander Fleming. Let me tell you about Sir Alexander Fleming who don't know about him. He is a Scottish researcher. How I know him, because, my dad worked at county Mayo in Ireland for a brief period, I got a chance to visit these places on weekend. Sir Alexander married to Sarah who is from county Mayo, Ireland. I learned that he is a careless lab technician.

In 1928, Fleming discovered Penicillin while experimenting with the influenza virus in a lab of Inoculation department at St. Mary's Hospital in London, How did he discovered, it is by an accident. I believe on try experimenting in chess. Fleming returned to his lab after a two week vacation, as he is a careless lab technician, he left a staphylococcus culture plate on the table, it developed a mold on it. On examination of the mold, it prevented the growth of staphylococci.

The iphone?

Who invented iphone? it is not Steve Jobs. It was an accident of an open mind. Steve trying to build a tablet computer, only when he shrunk it to palm size he realised that he had a smart phone on his hand, which became the best selling phone of this generation.

So, this is by an accident.

Roll a dice on a one great play, it pays off in spades. All the great ideas are a result of trial and error. Keep trying tactics, don't try to mug up a chess game, play it, try it, try your own way, with your own ideas. You should try the possibilities that come on your mind, then you have greater chance of success then those chess players who depend on some one to induce their ideas on your brain.

Every game you play, is subject to revision. You need to constantly adjust your game, fine tune it. Always question and refine your approach for each and every game and remember that best ideas will likely be an accident. Never ever fear to experiment.

The only best platform for experimenting is ATC.

Watch out below video, developed at my ATC lab.
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