Chetan Sharma Wins 5th Prize at Prestigious KIITS Championship

ATC Player Chetan Sharma

ATC Player Chetan Sharma

ATC player Chetan Sharma smashed every one till 5th round. In total, he won 8 out of 10 rounds and went on to win 5th prize in the prestigious KIITS championship.

Chetan Sharma is a young lawyer who will soon start his professional practice in law. He has been a regular chess player at ATC. He is an upcoming Chess Coach at ATC. We at ATC are proud of such players who prove our point that practice makes man perfect.

Superkidschess star players Tarun touched 2000 mark on Fide rating. We are expecting his rating to touch 2100 at Bhubaneswar. This is an outstanding result and all the credit goes to ATC.

ATC concept which is about an year old has started producing results. It is not only Tarun, even Trisha is likely to hit 1900 mark.

These players and their performances have proved that coaching alone cannot help. It is the practice sessions in a regulated environment that brings the change at near to zero cost. This has been our guiding principle at ATC.

Today as we are writing this article, our ATC players are waiting to give a very good start at Category C at KIITS Chess Championship. ATC players are confident and flexing their muscles. We have hopes on Rohit Reddy, Ram Mohan Rao and the likes of such players to prove that ATC practice sessions sharpen their minds and improves their games.

We were happy to see that ATC concept is liked by many parents who were at KIITS, in Bhubaneswar and are willing to join their kids.

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