Congratulations to Arjun from all the players of AnyTimeChess

AnyTimeChess Congratulates Arjun for his outstanding performance in Uzbekistan. AnyTimeChess hope, Arjun may become First Grand Master for State Telangana.

Arjun the rising star

Future Grand Master of Telangana

AnyTimeChess changing the K-factor from next week (10-16th April). The new K-factor as follows.

Rating K-Factor
Below 1000 40
1001-1100 30
1101-1200 20
1200 and above 10

Other things remain the same. Like, players loose 10 points on each day, if they don't play. Players get their fee back, if they win. Player get a starting rating of 1000 points every Monday. The Prize Fund remains same.

AnyTimeChess Congratulates all the prize winners of last week session

Prize Player Rating Cash Prize
1st Prize Chetan Sharma 1212 1500
2nd Prize Asapu Srinivas 1158 1000
3rd Prize Suresh Duvvala 1154 800
4th Prize Y. Murali Mohan 1150 600
5th Prize Perumallu 1106 400
6th Prize Venkata Krishna 1098 300
7th Prize V.S.N. Murthy 1092 200
8th Prize Abhiram 1061 100
9th Prize Harender 1057 100

We Congratulate AnyTimeChess Superman Chetan Sharma for standing First in the last week Session. He is not only a player but a good coach who helped Delhite Akansh to get 9th place, missed 3rd position by a whisker.

As a continuous process of Chess player development, AnyTimeChess introduced an opportunity  for all the senior players to offer their coaching to junior players. AnyTimeChess strive hard to provide a good facility to learn and play at SuperKidsChess Academy.  Learning chess is no more a costly affair at AnyTimeChess. At ATC we made learning easy. ATC covers 25% of the cost to learn chess. This is a great boon for new upcoming chess players, at the same time the senior players of AnyTimeChess get an opportunity to earn.

AnyTimeChess through its technology team working to facilitate players and coaches to fix their convenient time on our web platform



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