Google to invest Rs.1 Crore in Super Kids Chess Academy's ATC

Any Time Chess Google Investor

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai announcing Rs. 1 Crore investment in Any Time Chess model at Super Kids Chess Academy (Source: BBC World News, 01 April 2017)

In an unprecidented move, Google Inc has decided to invest Rs. 1 Crore in Super Kids Chess Academy as part of its Angel Investor Program. This was announced in an official statement issued by Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc. In his statement at the press release, Sundar Pichai gave a brief overview about the investment plans.

As many of you already know, Super Kids Chess Academy has launched Any Time Chess (ATC) in 2016 and it has been an overwhelming success. The investors at Google have conducted an analysis of ATC and found that this has a very high potential for growth in India. Leading industry experts like Nakumura have been hired by Google to analyse the business model.

As part of the announcement, Sundar Pichai applauded the founder of Super Kids Chess Academy, Dayanand for launching such an innovative platform called Any Time ChessHe mentioned that Dayanand being NRI, he came back to India and decided to change the way Chess is played and practiced in India. Very few NRIs come back to India to make an impact.

Any Time Chess - as the name itself signifies, allows players to play at any convenient time with any player of their choice. This very nature of the model is innovative. This is so because Chess players in India have been used to playing tournaments after tournaments where pairings are made using Swiss Manager or Round-robin system and they tend to play on a singe day or for that tournament period only.

Any Time Chess on the other hand allows players to play all through the week to win a special weekend prize money decided based on an exclusively designed Rating System as per FIDE rules.

All of this comes at an affordable rate of Rs. 10 per game. However, what has been the most attractive feature for most participants is that the winner of each game gets his money back.

Sundar Pichai noted that Convenience, Learning, Skill-development and Affordability have been the core pillars of Any Time Chess.

The investments will be made to the tune of Rs. 1 Crore to expand the operations to other states and possibly to other countries in the next one year. A detailed investment plan is being prepared.

Many reporters who attended the press conference in Hyderabad asked several questions to Sundar Pichai and Dayanand. One of the important question was asked by a famous reporter from Sakshi newspaper to Sundar Pichai. The question was AnyTimeChess is indeed innovative but then why did Google choose to invest in Chess?

To answer this question, Sundar Pichai himself came forward and said: "Today is all fools day".

SKCA team congratulates all its players, parents, well-wishers and other chess lovers on this great occasion of getting "Trapped, Pinned and Checkmated on All Fools Day".

If you have not understood the prank yet, you can watch full recording of the press conference with Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google Inc and Dayanand, Founder of Super Kids Chess Academy.

Full Video Coverage of Press Conference

Sundar Pichai announcing Google's Rs.1 Crore investment in SKCA's ATC

Congratulations to Arjun from all the players of AnyTimeChess
Suresh Duvvala The Winner at AnyTimeChess 20-26th March 2017

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