Happy Mothers Day: ATC Special Offer to Mothers

Viswanatan Anand with his Mother Sushila

Viswanatan Anand with his Mother Sushila

ATC salutes to All Mothers on Occasion of Mothers Day

Mothers Day is being celebrated at ATC, Its time to remember about Smt. Sushila Viswanathan who taught her son basic moves in chess by playing with him continuously. Her son went on to become India’s five-time World Champion - Viswanathan Anand.

AnyTimeChess (ATC) salutes Smt Sushila and all mothers on this great occasion of Mothers Day and wishes all the mothers a Happy Mothers Day.

ATC Free Coupon for Mothers

In celebrating Mothers Day, ATC is giving away a special offer of one-week free pass worth Rs. 300 for all mothers to come and play chess at ATC.

We have created a special coupon below that you can download, print, take a picture and bring it along to our academy

Or simply register online using the form below and avail the same benefits instead of printing the coupon:

ATC Mothers Day Free Coupon

ATC Mothers Day Free Coupon

Online Registration for Free Coupon

We look forward to see more mothers playing chess, because the more you play the more you will be able to help your children grow in their chess. Every week a prize fund of Rs 5000. Moms who want to play online can also do so. Our online playing portal www.atc.superkidschess.com will allow you to play online straight from you home and at your convenient time. Terms and condition apply.

AnyTimeChess Thank all the moms who are bringing their children to superkidschess and also to the moms who are helping their kids to play online on www.atc.superkidschess.com.  Improve your chess skills at a rock bottom cost. Playing number of games with different chess players, improves your chess automatically. There is no substitute for practice.

See you around.


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