An Interview With ATC Player Sankarshana

Active player of ATC Sankarshana describing his achievement.

Interview with Sankarshana: After increasing 139 points at a fide tournament in Bhimvaram this 11 year old boy has a strong message to all chess players.

Sankarshana in an interview with ATC has described how his hard work and practice brought him the confidence level.

This 11 year old is a school going boy but often play chess with a deep interest. Sankarshana is currently taking coaching from Mr.  G.V Srinivas Rao and mentor Mr. Diwakar. He does his practice in ATC by playing with new and different players everytime.

"Practice makes man perfect"

This quote has been proved in Sankarshana's achievement. A good Coach and a good practice platform is must to become a strong chess player. In this interview below Sankarshana will be describing his words.

This interview has been taken by AIM Tarun Kanyamarala.

Tarun: Hi Sankarshana!

Sanku: Hi Tarun!

Tarun: So how was the tournament at Bhimvaram?

Sanku: It was good and I had a fantastic experience there and I met talented players like Malleshwar rao and Vijay Anand.

Tarun: What is your current ELO rating?

Sanku: 1010 but I increased 139 points with this bhimvaram tournament.

Tarun: How was the tournament hall?

Sanku: it was good, and Anantha Raman was the chief arbiter at that tournament.

Tarun: Can you briefly describe about the rounds you played?

Sanku: Well... first round I played with an unrated player and I won, second round I played with a 1700 rated player and I won, third round I played with an unrated and I won, fourth round I played with Malleshwar rao he is 2000 rated player, I was two pawns up but unfortunately I lost that game, fifth round I played with a 1400 and lost, sixth tound I played with 1500 and I drew the match, seventh I won with a 1300 player, eighth I won with a 1200, next I lost with 1900. So i got 6.5 points.

Tarun: So how was your preparation? Did you prepare for every round?

Sanku: I use to wake up early and prepare in the room itself in the morning, at tournament hall I just use to see openings.

Tarun: So how did you feel when you won?

Sanku: I was normal but I was Happy!

Tarun: What do think has helped you in achieving huge 139 points?

Sanku: My coaches Diwakar and GV sir, my practice platform ATC  and my parents support has helped me in this.

Tarun: How was food at Bhimvaram?

Sanku: It was good, I liked Idly!

Tarun: What are your next plans?

Sanku: There is a tournament in Hyderabad, Gachibowli which am planning to attend. It a big tournament with 10 lakhs cash prize.

Tarun: So how do you think  ATC helped you?

Sanku: I use to do lot of experiments here, i got opportunity to play with new players, practice with high rated players like AIM Tarun and AIM Trisha.

Tarun: Thank you Sankarshana and wish you All the Best for your next tournament.

Sanku: Thank you Tarun!


ATC is proud of Sanku, wishing him the best.



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