Morning Blitz at ATC

Morning Blitz a Power Play at ATC is just like hitting sixes in the first few overs, to bring ATC rating higher and higher. Playing power play, the chess player gets active and start his own level play by playing 15min+10s or 30min+30sec. The time control for Morning Blitz is 5min plus 2sec increment.

Morning Blitz


It is a misconception of many chess players, parents and coaches that Blitz can spoil the original game of a chess player. We at ATC feel Blitz can improve fast thinking abilities. There are lot of tournaments are being conducted on Blitz and many world class players like Vishy, Carlsen etc., still play Blitz. Playing Blitz will ignite the mind and awakes from sleepy mood.

Morning Blitz:

Every Day at morning 10am 5 rounds swiss pairing in conjunction with ATC games will start. (If the players are few in numbers, then we run round robin)

Time control: 5min + 2sec Increment.

There is NO ENTRY FEE for playing Blitz. Normal ATC rules will apply and rating will affect for the each round you play.

Prize Money:

1st Prize   Rs 300

2nd Prize  Rs 200

3rd Prize   Rs 100


  1. ATC live rating will be taken while pairing.
  2. You should be a player of ATC

A good opportunity for chess players to earn while you are playing chess. You are not only improving your skills, but you are getting some kind of pocket money. We at ATC continuously monitor different chess players and try to bring in new models which helps chess players to grow. ATC takes advise from senior players and Experts. ATC always takes suggestions from ATC chess players.

AT ATC we like to bring in all kinds of time control which are helpful to the chess players. Flexibility is the key at Any Time Chess.

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