New Rules at AnyTimeChess

What are the New Rules at AnyTimeChess?

ATC is gaining popularity because of its unique model and also because of the fact that the concept was developed by under 13 chess players who are already roaring to go beyond 2000+ Elo Rating. AnyTimeChess has always been listening to opinions and suggestions of many senior players and experts to make AnyTimeChess more interesting. At AnyTimeChess, the number of new players are growing week after week because our approach is player-friendly.

ATC New Rule:

AnyTimeChess now intends to change the pattern of picking an opponent. Till date, we have been supporting our concept of AnyTimeChess where the player had the liberty to pick any player of his choice. We still hold onto this concept but the new change is that the players who have ATC rating above 1000 must play with the players who have rating above 1000 only. Players who have ATC rating below 1000 must play with the players who have rating below 1000 only. Players who have rating exactly 1000 can play with any one.
This new rule will come into affect from Monday 31st July 2017.

ATC New Offer:

atc monthly pass

Monthly Pass at ATC

A Good news for the parents who have more than one child (siblings) playing chess at ATC. AnyTimeChess has decided to offer Monthly Easy Pass for free for other sibling, provided you buy Monthly pass for one sibling. If parent themselves are a chess player, they can also use the pass under special circumstances. Either a sibling or a parent can use the free pass but not both.

Welcome To Mr. VSN

vsn murthy

Veteran from July 31st

Mr. V.S.N. Murthy starting his second innings from 1st of August 2017. He is retiring from service on 31st July 2017. A senior player of Hyderabad, Engineer by profession. Young players will get lot of opportunity from now on. We Wish him Good Health and enjoy the Retirement life by playing Chess.
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