Scholarship for attending FIDE tournament

Scholarship for attending VACA FIDE rating tournament.

How to avail this Scholarship?

ATC players has to play a round robin classic game of 60min plus 30s increment. This is for offline ATC players only. Entry fee Rs 100 only.


Rohit Receiving Prize at Nithim


How it will be helpful?

Classic games at FIDE are 90min plus 30sec increment. To get used to this game, players need to play few lengthy games of this long duration.

ATC feel proud about its player Y. Rohit who is a perfect example of practicing one hour games at ATC. He increased his FIDE points by 66. Y. Rohit is popularly called as online Rohit at ATC. He rarely miss his school and he is managing schooling and chess simultaneously.


Score Card of Rohit at Nithim

He never have choice of a player to play, if he finds time, no matter who the opponent is, he starts playing. All he knows is ATC model of practice chess by playing chess. His mentor Perumallu played a big role in recognising the mistakes and corrected him. Rohit rang ATC as soon as he received a cash prize of Rs 10,000. ATC congratulates online Rohit and wish him all the best for his further journey in chess.


How to enter this competition?

ATC players can fill the online form below. Ensure that you have       Rs 100 in your ATC account. You will receive auto confirmation. We send you other player contact details so that you can fix your convenient time, or we can get in touch with you to organise a convenient time that suits both the players.


Classic game competition starts from tomorrow and we need to complete the round robin by 20th August 2017. Each win gets 2 point, draw 1 point, loss -2. Top two positions will be awarded the scholarship.


Scholarship amount  Rs 1000 each for top two ATC players in the competition.


Registration to Scholarship for attending VACA FIDE rating tournament.

I agree that Rs.100 will be deducted from my ATC account while registration.

In case you do not play after the registration, this amount will be forfeited as no-show-fee.


Trisha Vs Sibi
Gulbarga Rapid FIDE Sponsorship

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