Suresh Duvvala The Winner at AnyTimeChess 20-26th March 2017

Suresh Duvvala

First Prize at ATC with Highest Rating Recorded as on Date

Suresh Duvvala The Winner of this week AnyTimeChess.

History created at ATC by Suresh Duvvala, by crossing 1250 points for this week. AnyTimeChess Congratulates Suresh Duvvala for his outstanding performance. Suresh is the first player to achieve this milestone. What we can learn from this outstanding player? He is disciplined, managed his time between work and play. As far as I know, he didn't missed his work hours, whatever little time he got, he spent at ATC. He is learning constantly. He didn't mind playing with low rated or high rated. The most important part is, he shared his knowledge. If I have to recommend a coach for those who have a rating of 1200 to 1800, the first person to pick is Suresh Duvvala. A young dynamic player. He never get stressed out. Parents and Players should watch this great personality while playing. You can view history through out this week of this great chess player.

He played with a bottom of the leader board to the top of the leader board. He has losses, draw and wins and maintained his winning streak, without loosing his temper when he lost the match. Every player has losses, and Suresh too have few in this week.

Matches on graph

Suresh Matches on graph

The final Leader board for the week 20-26th March 2017

Suresh Duvvala [1234]
Chetan Sharma [1140]
Y. Murali Mohan [1121]
Mallesh [1060]
AK Raju [1047]
AIM Tarun [1035]
AIM Trisha [1019]
Sanketh Reddi [1004]
Srinivas raju [990]
Akansh [984]
Praveen Bhandari [975]
Bhavishya [968]
Ram mohan [959]
Perumallu [948]
Sanchith [941]
Naveen [940]
Srivijay [939]
Digvijay [933]
AFM Advaita [920]
Rohit [916]
Bhavagnya [905]
Venkata Krishna [899]
Rohit Reddy [897]
Priyansh Reddy [862]
Dayanand [861]
Srinandan [857]
Keerthan Reddy [724]

Top 9 will get prizes All the prizes distributed, those who didn't collected we credited to their SKCA account and can with draw at any time at ATC Centre.

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