Top News: Tarun Draws with Grand Master

AnyTimeChess (ATC) is delighted to share with you that our player Tarun has drawn the match with the Grand Master, Neelotpal Das.

In an exciting match, between Arena International Master (AIM) Tarun with Grand Master (GM) Neelotpal Das, Tarun showed lot of temperament and patience to give a tough fight to the GM. It was a game of 26 moves and they have agreed to draw at that stage.

The match was played in the third round at Bhubaneswar, India in 10th KIIT International Chess Festival.

We tried to capture some initial reactions of Tarun immediately after the game. Watch and listen to what Tarun has to say.

I am sure he has more to say after analysing the game. Keep watching this space as we might upload that game soon.


Trisha who is Tarun's sister is also playing well at KIIT International Chess Festival. She has beaten a player with 1848 rating, Mohammad Hasan.


UPDATE (28 May 2017):

Many have sent their congratulatory messages to Tarun. Thanks to one and all. Parents of Tarun express their gratitude to all. We tried to collate few messages from WhatsApp below:


And then there were congratulatory messages on Facebook too:

Tarun will be sending us the Game notations which will soon update here. Thanks.

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