Trisha Vs Sibi

Trisha Vs Sibi, it is going to be an interesting match to watch. These two players are meeting again on the board after a while. When SCF was not born, he use to be a regular player at ATC, Sibi and Trisha use to play almost every day. These two players use to exchange the ideas. His brother Akira a famous player in Hyderabad, these both brothers put in all the efforts they can and we have lots of hopes on Akira going to be the best player of Telangana. Only little bit of time required for him to start an exponential rise in his FIDE points.

sibi srinivas einstien reddy


We Wish both brothers All the Best and may the Best player wins. We as a spectators, ATC players want to see a spectacular chess at Gulbarga. If you want to see the pairings of other players, click here

ATC has high regards to Mr. Rajashekar Reddy (Dad of Akira & Sibi) who applauds the work of ATC and always keeps encouraging our good work for Chess.

In a back to back match, Akira crushed J. Harender (recipient of ATC  sponsorship) and Akira played very well in making a draw with Chetan Sharma, who is a expert at ATC. This shows Akira game improved alot in the last one year.

Trisha couldn't withstand the top seed Mr. Chinmay, she just lost hope after seeing his rating of 2300. All the girls of ATC had a bitter experience on the first day but the good part is, they never loose the confidence and didn't let the failure take away their interest to enjoy Gulbarga Thali


ATC players enjoying Gulbarga Thali

We have hopes on G.V. Srinivas Rao and Raghav Srivathsav who can bring Gulbarga cup to Hyderabad. See you all at Independence day Celebration at ATC.

Independence Day at ATC
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